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We've been very fortunate to land some of the areas most dedicated and talented Music Instructors. Many have been with us almost since the beginning and are the jewels in the Rocketeria crown! Read what some of our customers have to say, here.

Brian Waitzman: Guitar, Bass, Piano
Geoff Easthope: Drums, Beginner Guitar
Kris Fath: Voice
Allan Young: Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Beginner Piano
Dave Peers: Guitar, Bass
Greg Englar: Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Beginner Clarinet & Piano
Luke Schuster: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Beginner Piano
Chris Compton: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Trumpet 

Brian Waitzman
Guitar, Bass, Piano

Brian's been with us almost since the beginning. He's laid back, always good-natured and specializes in optimism and setting you at ease. Brian is a graduate of Goddard College, with a BA in Music. Brian is also a certified recording engineer and graduate of The Omega Studios School of Recording Arts and Sciences.

His musical journey began just like many of Rocketeria's students, with private lessons in the back of the local music store. His first private teacher was Barry Bennedette, a veteran of the heavy metal scene who has toured with Ozzy, Motley Crue and Cinderella. Barry was Brian's first major musical influence and even sold Brian his blonde Stratocaster. Recently Brian has studied with Jake Scheffer, a jazz guitarist who toured with Lonnie Liston Smith and Earth, Wind and Fire. Brian has fused their teaching into a style all his own that combines jazz/funk, metal, rock and music theory.

Brian has lent his talents to bands such as Odyssey, Denise Henderson and the 360 Band, The Steamers, Nick Dastardly and has sat in with one of his favorite bands, Fishbone. Brian currently plays with The Fishermen Band, and singer songwriter Flo Anito.

Over the years Brian has performed at jazz venues, rock clubs and theaters from coast to coast. Brian's wide knowledge of music theory, comforting teaching style and optimistic attitude have made him a highly successful teacher at Rocketeria! Brian comes from a family of teachers; his Mother was a Professor of Philosophy and his older brother is an Art teacher, and he considers it his destiny to follow in their footsteps.

Rain Song

Why Are You Acting So Small?

Bach Cello Suite #1

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Bridge Over Troubled Water

GUITAR - All ages, all levels
PIANO - Middle school age or older, all levels
BASS - All ages, all levels

Geoff Easthope
Drums, Beginner Guitar

Geoff Easthope brings the wisdom and experience of sitting behind the drum set for the past thirty five years. After studying classical percussion and modern drum set he began his career as a professional musician straight out of high school in England. Geoff played for popular dance bands of the day and gained invaluable experience in the recording studios in and around London.

He moved to the US in 1980 to play on the cruise ships throughout the Caribbean and up into Alaska. After settling with his wife and family in Maryland he continued his playing and teaching career with various bands before settling in Olney and joining the Rocketeria team in 2008.
Geoff recognizes the need for an individual approach to teaching and tailors his methods to the strengths and weaknesses of each student. From rock to metal to jazz, his passion for the instrument and desire to pass on his knowledge is evident in his easygoing style and enthusiastic manner. 
Watch Geoff keep the beat while Rocketeria students perform Rush's The Spirit of Radio:

The Girl from Ipanema

Bossa for You

Kris Fath

Kris teaches contemporary vocal technique concentrating on Pop, Rock and R&B, Voice Maintenance, Breathing & Harmony. Kris has been teaching for over 20 years and performing nationally and locally since the 70's! She currently lends her talents to
Diamond Alley. She only makes herself available to us on Mondays and Wednesdays, so book her today!
Watch Kris support Rocketeria students performing Christina Aguilera's Beautiful at the 2012 Rockstravaganza:



Allan Young
Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Beginner Piano

Allan Young is probably best known as the guitarist for the late Gorman Prophecy - the metal band that was once declared the best band in Baltimore by (then) 98 Rock personality Kirk McEwen - with which he toured extensively around the country with acts such as Overkill, Nile, Dry Kill Logic, Meliah Rage, Prong, Fozzy, Deicide, Vital Remains (who actually offered him a spot as Dave Suzuki's replacement), Murderdolls, and Nothingface. They were frequent headliners at the Thunderdome in Baltimore, and were sometimes known to out-draw national acts who would come through town the same week they'd perform.

He was also a part of Starfire, a society band that specialized in retro R&B as well as smooth jazz, and has performed at venues such as Strathmore Hall, the Smithsonian, the Baltimore Museum Of Art, and the Kennedy Center. 

Allan's current musical pursuits include Annapolis based hard rock outfit Eden Burns as well as the classic rock outfit known as 4 Speed Shifter. In addition, he can be seen every summer at the Baltimore Inner Harbor with The Only Two, an acoustic duo that spans musical styles from Django Reinhardt/Louis Armstrong style swing jazz to acoustic blues, folk, and even some light rock.

When he's not teaching or playing out with one of his bands, he and his wife Belinda devote their time to taking in and working with rescue dogs from the American Belgian Malinois Club. 

Watch Allan, backed by Rocketeria students, perform Helter Skelter at the 2012 Rockstravaganza:

...and check out some of Allan's classic/southern rock covers:

White Room

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Saturday Night Special

Day of the Eagle

Dave Peers
Guitar, Bass

As co-owner of the store, I’m excited to offer my extensive real world guitar/bass knowledge and advice, for the player who’s ready to work beyond tabs and notation. My goals are for students to be able to play every major and minor chord by name, learn major and minor scales that will allow players to solo in any song of any key, intense ear development, reliable and accurate tuning practices, minor guitar maintenance, and sharing countless skills acquired from over 30 years of playing venues of all sizes, all over, with top respected singer/songwriters. I'm also quite adept at singing, and will be happy to work vocal coaching in for students that want to develop in that area.

I’m available Tuesday-Thursday from 11am-1:45pm. 

Skill levels: Practicing beginners and up

Ages: Middle School and up

 Chris Compton
 Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano, & Trumpet 

Chris believes in the power of Music to uplift, to bring people together, and to make our lives better! With several years of experience teaching locally, Chris brings a youthful exuberance and an ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds, to his lessons. He emphasizes the importance of balancing the fun in music with thoughtful practice and a healthy understanding of musicianship, and tailors his approach to the individual.

He began his music career at the age of seven with piano and trumpet. By the time he graduated high school, Chris had played with countless school ensembles; the pit orchestras for Damascus High School and Damascus Theater, The Montgomery County Honors Brass Ensemble, and The Damascus High Marching Band and Jazz Ensemble, to name a few. He also helped produce many musicals, formed a Brass Ensemble, and was the backup conductor of the choir and leader of Music for his church.

Chris studied voice and drumset at Montgomery College Rockville, and was a featured vocalist and tenor soloist in several MC choral productions.

Since then Chris has made a career in musical performance. Highlights include a tour of the US and Jamaica with The Pocket Band and legendary Reggae artist Ronnie Davis of the Itals, tours up and down the east coast with the hard-hitting funk outfit Pebble to Pearl, studio collaborations and overseas excursions to play shows in India and Australia with Grammy-nominated Producer and Musician, BT. He has shared the stage with the likes of Sean Paul, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Daryl Davis, and Moby. During this time, Chris amassed a wealth of experience in the recording studio, working with such artists as Lily Bee, Dan Wolff, and Mindy Miller, among others.

Chris currently plays with Mindy Miller, and with The Fishermen Band (alongside Rocketeria instructor Brian Waitzman).

Greg Englar
Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Beginner Clarinet & Piano 

Born and raised in Maryland, Greg grew up in a musical household. His father, a saxophonist, plays professionally throughout Washington D.C. and the metro area, and his mother and sister were constantly at the piano playing anything from The Beatles to Gershwin. Inspired by The Beatles, Greg picked up his first guitar at age nine, when he began studying formally with various teachers. After several years of learning a variety of styles from jazz standards to folk songs to classical, to improve and practice new techniques, Greg formed his own rock band "No Intent" in 2001. During his time with the band (which he performed with regularly until the end of high school), he began taking the guitar very seriously, working hard to improve his abilities as a composer, performer, and soloist.

In 2006, he moved to New York to attend New York University's Steinhardt Jazz Studies Program. During his time in the program, Greg took numerous courses in music theory, ear training and music history. While attending NYU Greg had the privilege of studying with New York Jazz guitar legends like John Scofield, Peter Bernstein, Randy Johnston, and Bruce Arnold. Additionally, he's been a member of numerous NYU Jazz Ensembles, including the NYU Jazz Repertoire Orchestra and the prestigious NYU Jazz Orchestra. With these groups, as well as with others outside of NYU such as the New York Youth Symphony Jazz Band Classic, he's performed at venues such as the Bowery Poetry Club, The Garage in Greenwich Village, Dizzy's Club Coca Cola at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Symphony Space, and the world famous Blue Note.

Greg posts transcriptions, songs and other teaching materials on his personal site.

I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

Hard Boiled

My Dear (Live)

Luke Schuster
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Beginner Piano

I've been teaching and performing professionally since graduating York College of Pennsylvania in 2009. I've worked at Rocketeria on and off for the past five years and have had nothing but positive experiences with this great business and awesome customers in the Olney area.

I have a great passion for teaching, and strive to personalize my lessons for every student. My main focus is to provide each student with the knowledge and skills for any musical situation, with the ultimate goal of joining with other musicians to play in a group or ensemble. For the past year I have had many valuable experiences being a professional touring musician performing all over the country as the keyboardist and vocalist for Yellow Dubmarine, a reggae Beatles tribute band. I have played over 300 shows and have taught over 100 students. My lessons are sure to be enjoyable for someone of any age who is eager to learn about their instrument and is also interested in discussing music on many different levels.