Lessons FAQ

How much?
$41 per weekly half hour private lesson, $25 registration.
How often do I get charged?
Tuition is charged during the last week of the month and pays for the upcoming month. 
Can I pay by check?
No. Tuition is payable only via Auto-Pay (credit card on file). 
Can I pay week to week?
Sure. Just add $3 per lesson.
Can I take more than one lesson each week?
Yes. Regular weekly students may schedule additional time with their regular instructor for just $31 per half-hour.

Do you put on recitals?

Yes. Rockstravaganza in February is by invitation, smaller scale programs we call ROCKcitals are put on bi-annually, here at Rocketeria.
Do I get a special deal when I buy stuff?
Yup. 10% off (max discount $50, weekly students only). 
Am I roped in to some long-term contract?
Nope. You can drop at anytime with written notice by the 20th of the month. Unused lessons will be banked for you to use of gift.
Can I reschedule?
Sure, if you're a weekly student, you can reschedule up to 6 lessons per year. 24 hour cancellation notice is required. Makeup lessons cannot be resceduled.
Will I have the same teacher every week?
Yup, but we do have subs from time to time.
What if it snows? 
Check our web site, voice mail and social media for the most up-to-date information regarding store closing or lessons cancellations.
Is it hard to keep track of hundreds of students a month?
Very. Be nice.