Who Teaches What?

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TEACHER Guitar Bass Piano Drums Other
Alexandra     (B)   Voice, poproxx
Allan (B) (B)

Mandolin, Tenor Banjo, Ukulele

Andrew (B) (B) Voice, (B) Ukulele
Brian    Ukulele
Chris C. Trumpet, Voice, Percussion, Ukulele
Chris Z. (B)     Flute, (B) Violin & Viola
Daniel (B) (B) Double Bass, (B) Sax & Clarinet
Geoff (B)   (B) Band Snare, Percussion
Kris     (B)   Voice
Michelle (B)       Voice, poproxx


(B) = Beginner level only

We've got the best teachers. We're not just saying that, so are our students! We lay claim to that distinction with extra confidence because our teachers are like family. Our turnover rate is next to nil, because our teachers like us and we like them.


We work together toward the betterment of our enterprise, and the nurturing of our students. Rocketeria's teachers cater to a very diverse clientele and prove time and time again that nothing beats loving what you do for producing excellent results. 


Our music teachers are working, performing musicians. This makes for some inspiring mentors for our students. Sign up for our newsletter, join us on your social network of choice (see boxes upper and lower right), check our event calendar to see what we've got going on!


Teaching enables our teachers to pursue their musical careers while continuing to inspire and enrich them by passing on their experience and passion. Join us for private or group lessons, Jams, one of our camps, or come to one of our events, and see what it means to be a Rocketeer!