CAREER DAY Letters from the kids







Our daughter has been attending Rocketeria for 7 years starting as an elementary school student. Thanks to Dave and Ariana, and their dedicated group of teachers, she has matured into a talented piano player and guitar player. Initially she started off playing classical music under Natalia and Melissa, and then got into other types of music as her interests broadened. About four years ago, she developed an interest in playing the guitar, and Brian, her tutor for the past four years, helped her develop guitar skills. All of the teachers at Rocketeria have a passion for music and are dedicated to helping young children, teenagers, and adults achieve their full musical potential. Brian, her current teacher, has been a friend and mentor to our daughter and has helped her develop piano and guitar skills and also broadened her interests in all types of music. Over the years our daughter participated in a number of Rockfests, and she loved all of them. She also participates in a jam session where she gets to play the guitar and occasionally sings with her band.  Rocketeria is a pillar of the Olney community that is providing an invaluable service to all persons wishing to broaden their music skills. We are proud to be part of the Rocketeria family and are greatly indebted to Rocketeria for developing our daughter’s musical talent and for making her appreciate the arts.

November 2017, Sid and Priyam


Rocketeria (Brian), were easy to work with from sign up and scheduling to last minute changes we had as a family which they always accommodated. My daughter gained the confidence throughout her lessons to play on her own. She looked forward to her lesson time and came out of them excited to practice what she learned.  

Thank you for everything. 

February 2017, Josh and Jen S.

Ariana and Dave,

I just wanted to let you know how amazing I always think your ROCKstravaganzas are when I’ve come to see Gina. Now that I was able to be part of it, from the inside it’s even more amazing. As a teacher, I know the feeling of touching children’s lives. You have channeled the energy, creativity and talent of so many children (and adults) in such a positive way. Seeing the nerves of some of the kids turn into pride after they were done performing was so beautiful. The Rocketeria family that you have created with the students and teachers is such a credit to you both. I’m so glad to be part of it!


January 2017, Jodi M.

Thank you to all of you at Rocketeria who taught and nurtured Robert over a lot of years, especially Dave and Brian.  Robert has a love for music and for the guitar that will last him a lifetime, and it's because of the excitement you bring to making music

October 2016, Judi S.


This was our first experience with Rockstravaganza last night, and I have two words for you and the whole Rocketeria family: THANK YOU

We've lived in Chicago and in the Twin Cities, and we just moved here a year and a half ago, and I've never seen, or even heard of, a music program as extraordinary and (I don't think I'm exaggerating here) life-giving as what you all have built here. The talent, commitment, and passion on display last night, from the youngest musicians to (ahem) those at the other end of the spectrum, completely blew my mind. Thank you so much for the opportunity, support, and encouragement you give to these passionate performers, kids and adults alike--it was a real joy to watch them all shine last night. 

February 2015, Julia T.

Show was so wonderful! You, your husband, and all the staff did an excellent job enabling the students to perform and presenting them. Talented hard work goes into it. We really enjoyed the show and the multitude of talent. Including our Katie! I am so greatful we switched her singing lessons to Rocketeria. Kris's teaching, Rocketeria's relaxed atmosphere, and philosophy is wonderful. Katie has not had the opportunities to gain experience previously as she does here. 10 stars to all!

February 2015, Karen M.

Chris did a great job with the lessons (you really do have an awesome group of instructors) and I found them to be extremely helpful.

January 2015, Ron M.

I have never had so much fun playing keyboard. Picked it up again after a very long break. Swore that I'd never perform at a recital. Hated them as a kid and was adamant that I wouldn't do it even when Ariana gave me a very gentle nudge in that direction. It took Brian a year of prodding to get me to even try a jam group. Next thing I know I'm playing at Rockstravaganza. Go figure! I love being in the jam group and am so grateful to Brian. He is a wonderful teacher. Thank you, Dave and Ariana for Rocketeria. What an asset for our community! 

October 2014, Nola C.

Nice new website! Under 'current students' I noticed that you give the age range as up to 'over 60'. Thank you for not being more specific :) Seriously, I have told quite a few parents who sit around waiting during their kids' lessons, and spouses of current adult students, that it is never too late to start playing music. People 20 years younger than me have said “I'm too old to start”. Ha! My bass playing started out as trying to help my granddaughter learn to play guitar, then became my own retirement project. With my very late start on the bass, I won't ever be as good as any of your teachers, but I’m having lots of fun striving for that higher level of playing. Brian is a gem - he has certainly helped me learn the technical aspects of playing bass but his positive, encouraging attitude has helped me, and now our entire jam group, to have the courage and confidence to perform in public. Thank you for all that you do.

September 2014, Linda P.

Our son was just in the last Rock U session and I felt the need to contact you and tell you what a wonderful job your staff did during the whole experience. He's been taking private lessons for just about a year now and...Allan suggested he might enjoy the camp. Well I can’t tell you how much he enjoyed the time. The camp made a big change in our son and I so appreciate what your staff (Allan, Chris, Jordan, and Tyler) did for him this past week. He has a new level of confidence and skill that he can use to move forward in his music career. I would really appreciate if you would pass this on to all of the guys! It is amazing that they can take a group of kids with some talent and in a week bring them together as a group and get them to sound like a band! I know the kids have talent, but bringing the talent out in a way that compliments one another takes a whole different talent in its self. I am grateful for Rocketeria and its staff and will definitely make sure to give glowing reviews in the future to anyone in the area that might be looking for music lessons, etc. I really like that the Instructors take the time to get to know the children and care to see them succeed! Our son's already talking about next year and is looking to bring a friend (a drummer) with him! It was one thing to come out and see the shows prior to [our son] being in the camp, hearing and seeing him come home every day and talking about the experience was something totally different. Then to see it blossom into a performance made our whole family proud! We were about 20 strong at the performance yesterday and everyone was really surprised at just how well the kids performed. Rocketeria made both my wife and I even more proud of our son this week. While we knew he was already a great kid, we had no idea of the hidden talent that he had not yet found inside of him! [We're] very appreciative.

July 2014, Keith and Stephanie D.

Last night [my son] went to his first jam session at your place Rocketeria. Parents wait a long time sometimes to see the light of confidence I saw in (him) after being a part of that session. It was bigger than any play he's ever had in sports. And bigger than any A he's ever received before. This morning I a different son with a smile on his face. He was in love. In love for the very first time... with music.

Thank you so much Rocketeria for being there and having people on your staff who take the time to make young people in America great again."

June 2013, Tony O.

He has gained a lot of knowledge and feels comfortable to play on his own and with friends. We want to thank Brian for his outstanding teaching skills, patience, and up-beat personality. He has been wonderful from start to finish. Brian is definately one of the reasons that [our son] continued and enjoyed playing the guitar! Thank you, Brian! Our whole experience at Rocketeria has been very pleasant. I would definitely recommend you and your instructors to others...

November 2012, Debbie H.

I have really enjoyed my lessons with Brian. He is, quite simply, fantastic

September 2012, Bridget M.

"Please tell his teacher [Jeff] that he thought he was awesome and send him our gratitude"

June 2012, Patty M.

Just for your info., [my daughter's] desire to play the piano has really taken off since she started... [She] really likes Jeff and Kris too. I had her go to Jeff for some extra help with her band instrument (Sax) and that has turned into her wanting to do lessons with him too. ... Anyway, I'm glad we came across Rocketeria!

March 2012, Beth C.

If it takes a village to raise our children I am truly grateful my children's village has some rock in it. I just spent this evening listening to some of the best music talent Olney has to offer and I have the devoted staff of Rocketeria to thank for that. Too often there have been posts regarding the awful things our youth have done, the lack of anything for them to do and how no one in our community is doing anything for them. The owners and staff of Rocketeria have spent the past 6 years in our community not only sharing their talent and love for music with us, but encouraging, nurturing and training your youth (both young and old) to develop a passion for music as well. They have given a place for your youth to feel a part of a community that cares about them, that is willing to support them, help them grow and maybe, just maybe, give them the courage to stand on a stage in front of complete strangers and perform a song or two. That's pretty amazing!!

February 2012, Heather B.

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed last night. I know it's a lot of work ... but I can't think of any other music lesson venue that does this sort of event. The kids love performing and they were really, really good. I loved the music selections and the volume was perfect--not too soft and not overpowering. ... The experience is invaluable to the kids. My parents came in from Delaware and they said it was well worth the 3 hour drive. They are looking forward to the next one and said they would definitely plan on attending. Again, thanks for putting this together and know it is totally enjoyable and appreciated.

February 2012, Cathy S.

Your staff made my first music lessons a great learning experience!

February 2012, Kathyana G.

We'll miss you and your shop, especially the great family-friendly, music-loving vibe you've created. We'll still be coming in for lessons for the rest of the year, so don't give away [our] slots with Geoff and Allan just yet.

October 2011, Damon R.